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Finland elopement, Lapland.

Finland elopement photographer

Kirstie and Alex started planning their wedding in Canada and noticed quite quickly how much stress was coming on planning the day. How many guests there should be, where to get married, what should the wedding program look like, how much money should be put into decoration. The stress level was too much.  Finally Kirstie started on doing background work on destination weddings, and they both decided to get married outside of Canada and do it just with their closest family members. Both of them weren't fans of a beach, and they started to look for countries where wouldn't be too hot. And that's how they found Lapland, the north part of Finland. Lapland is known for Santa Claus location but also incredible beautiful views no matter of the season it is. Kirstie and Alex decided on getting married on March the perfect time in Lapland to still have winter and a big amount of snow. For the Canadians it was perfect. 


​I traveled to Levi, Lapland the day before the wedding and also met Kirstie and Alex. The both of them where so excited for the next day and had also invited me to snow shoe walk with them. We walked around snowy areas beneath the stars. It was incredible beautiful and that's where I met Kirstie and Alex parents and their siblings. 


​The wedding day started in a beauty saloon and everyone where super excited of the day itself. It was the most stress -free mornings I have ever attend to. Back in a cottage where they where staying Kirstie opened a letter from her best friend. She wished her the best day ever and how she was happy they decided to elope across the world literally. One another beautiful moment when Kirstie And Alex's families got to witness their first look. Something that would not be possible during a regular wedding day. After this it was time to move to the ceremony location. The ceremony was held in a Laplanders hut witch is the most unique places I have ever photographed a ceremony!  And finally Kirstie and Alex where married. Married in front of their families and having the most stress- free day they ever could have imagined without worrying the time or having anxiety. 


The both of them did amazing during wedding portraits since it was still very, very cold in Lapland. We ended the day by eating together and celebrating together.

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