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Morocco elopement, Sahara desert.

Morocco elopement photographer

When I think about this elopement, my brain keeps on playing Aladdin's "A whole new world" song non-stop. And after experiencing Morocco, I don't mind having the song stuck in my head since no song fits better to tell the experience we had in the country. 

We woke up in Marrakech super early since you could hear muslims call to prayer loud and clear. I fell in love in Morocco since it really felt like every single day was a new adventure that would not be forgotten. We started our journey to the desert by driving  hours threw Atlantis mountains. And it's very easy to get car sick in the mountains. I have never got car sick and now I got! The journey to the desert takes around 11-12 hours but it's so worth it! 
We stayed in most gorgeous desert camping place Kam Kam Dunes

It was thrilling to photograph in the dunes with M & M. We photographed in the evening when the temperature had dropped down and during the eloping we still had strong wind with us. 

Oh, and you have to be careful that the camel won't kick you! 

How to elope in Morocco? 

The best time to elope in Morocco's desert is from October until April. That is the time period when it's not too hot in the desert. Between July- August the camps are closed because of the heat. 

The marriages done in Morocco will be recognized in other countries for example Americans can get married in Morocco. 

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