3 reasons to elope in Finland

Updated: Jun 3

1. Locations that you won't forget.

One of my most favourite part that Finland has is Lapland witch during wintertime looks like you have appeared in middle of Narnia. One of the most popular places to have your snowy getaway elopement is in Levi and it's specially meant for you if you love to ski and enjoy having other snow activities. What makes Lapland more unique is that it offers real-life snow castles where you can get married! How cool is that? The ones are located in Kemi and near Ylläs.

2. The nature

During summer you can enjoy Finland's thousands of lakes and not having the sun setting down in June. 75 % of Finland's landscape is forest. One of my absolutely favourite places to elope is national park Koli. If you click to see the images, you will understand why I love it. My other favourite is my hometown Turku's Archipelago. Nothing is more better then spending summer days and nights there.

3. Finland is one of the safest countries in the world.

Just like Iceland, Finland is one of the most safest countries in the world. Traveling here is easy and many Finnish people do speak English pretty well and they are always helpful when you ask directions.

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