3 reasons to elope in Iceland

Updated: Jun 3

Have you been thinking about different options where to get married but haven't really found yet the best option for you? Here are 3 reasons why you should consider to elope in Iceland.

1. You've got amazing ceremony and wedding portraits options for your elopement

Iceland is full of beautiful and breathtaking landscape options and no wonder it's called the "land of fire and ice". There are waterfalls, lava fields, craters, icebergs, mountains etc. Iceland offers many different spots to elope and in a short distance the landscape can change a lot. This brings so many beautiful and outstanding pictures to your wedding photos!

2. Iceland has clear marriage requirements to get married.

One of the most asked questions is: can a foreigner get married in Iceland? The answer is yes. However there are some laws on getting married there and paperwork to be filled. So what do you need to know if you want to elope in Iceland? You and your partner need to be at least 18 years old. If your partner has been before married, you need to deliver divorce papers.

The documents are good to submit around 3-4 weeks before your big day and you can email then. Even you send them by email you still need to hand the originals in person 5 days before eloping.

The documents you need to have and send them 3-4 weeks before the wedding.

- Marriage notification

- Birth certificates of both parties. Originals can be returned after the wedding ceremony.

- Certificate of marital status, that needs to be issued within 8 weeks prior to the wedding date.

- A divorce decree, if either party is divorced.If bride/groom is a widower, a document detailing that the estate of the deceased has been divided/finalised.

- Valid passports of both parties.

If documents do not arrive within this timeframe, the marriage is considered cancelled.

3. Same- sex marriage

Same-sex marriages has been allowed in Iceland since 2010 and the LGBTQ+ culture in Iceland is thriving. Iceland was one of the first countries that allowed same-sex marriage. Many same-sex couples travel to Iceland to get married since getting married in their home countries isn't allowed.

If you have any questions or thoughts about eloping in Iceland, I am more then happy to help you!

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