3 reasons to elope in Morocco

Updated: Jun 3

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider on eloping in Morocco.

1. The Sahara desert

The number one amazing experience to get married is at the Sahara desert. It's been said to be world's largest hot desert. Sure it takes time to get there (from Marrakech about 11-12 hours depending on the stops) but it's really worth it. What could be more beautiful than saying "I do" in the dunes and watch the sunset together?

Also during nighttime you can see hundreds and hundreds of stars just above you.

The best time to elope in the desert is from October until April. That is the time period when it's not too hot in the desert. Between July- August the camps are closed because of the heat. 

Staying in the desert I highly recommend Kam Kam Dunes, who I have worked with to make the couples experience one to remember.

2. Cheap flights

It's very cheap to fly to Morocco. I got my tickets back and forth with 150 euros so it's not a big cost to get there. Staying in Morocco is quite cheap and also eating out. Traveling across the country is easy and many companies do offer an easy way to get anywhere. I highly recommend on seeing Morocco, specially Marrakech witch has stolen my heart.

3. Out of this world experience for your wedding

The best way to describe Morocco is the Aladdin song "A whole new world." It's beautiful, capturing, has very good food, beautiful buildings, it's a warm country and wedding experience not everyone would have.

Other beautiful places in Morocco to elope are (for example) Marrakech, Atlantis Mountains and Fez.

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